Saturday, March 23, 2013

Did I Really Believe It???

As I’m always saying to people, “Age is just a number.”  For me, that has been on my mind a lot this past week with having just celebrated my most recent birthday and more so since having a conversation with someone new I met online and went out with yesterday, Thursday, for the first time.

Last week I celebrated my 43rd birthday.  Yes, Happy Birthday to me!!!!  I’ve always embraced my age and will proudly admit it to anyone who does ask how old I am.  Yes, there are some days I feel a bit slow or like I have the creeky body of an 83-year old at times, but overall and even with my Multiple Sclerosis, I certainly feel young at heart, young of mind, and young of spirit.  Yet, I do feel like I am an old soul.  Now tell me what kind of sense that makes?!?!!!  LOL!!!  What helps, I think, is that my friends, both IRL (in real life) and online, such as on Facebook, run all ages.  Yet, I feel like I can relate to them all on different levels no matter what their ages may be.  I certainly hope they feel the same way about me. J

So, here I was then confronted with an age issue yesterday.  I honestly admit that it made me stop, really think, and question myself on how much I truly believed in what I'd been saying that “age is just a number.”  I went out on a first date yesterday, which consisted of a very nice, two-hour long lunch.  This then proceeded onto an unplanned trip to the mall to walk around and hang out some more and talk, which lasted yet another two hours.  This was with a man I met via  Here I was under the impression he was 10 years older than me, which was already at the far end of the age range I was looking for in regards to meeting someone.  However, after talking during the lunch half of our date, I came to find out he’s actually 15 years older than me.  I have to be honest, that took me by a bit of a surprise.  Between the back and forth e-mails we exchanged and the phone conversations we’d had up to our date, you’d never guess he was the age that he is.  He’s very active with many community projects and activities; and he comes across as having such a young, fun spirit.  But, I have to admit, it still caused me to pause a bit.  I’d never dated anyone more than 4 years older than me from what I remember.  But 15…now that’s a leap I was not expecting.  Was I going to be OK with that?  Granted, it was only our first date, but we really hit it off, or at least I think we did and hope we did, as I’d like to get to know him better as a person.  However, this post is not about the actual date itself; it’s about age and did I believe in what I preached.

Upon thinking about it after the date and then later that evening, I came to the conclusion, that, YES, I did believe in what I’d been saying all along…age IS just a number.  Age is just a superficial representation of who someone is.  Young at heart and young of mind speaks volumes more than any age on the calendar represents.  I know it certainly won’t stop me from accepting another date with this man, should he ask me out again. J

On that note, this old lady needs her beauty sleep!!!  LOL!!!  Off to bed with my head!!!

Wishing you peace, love, and happiness,


Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy 43rd Birthday To Me!!!

Well, at the time I'm starting to type this, there are 36 minutes left to my birthday!  To be completely honest, turning 43 hasn't bothered me one bit.  Because as I see it, like a fine wine I only get better with age. :-)  Really, if you think about it, the alternative would really really suck!!!  LOL!!! 

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!

As this day has been chock full of activity and lots of love from my IRL (in real life) friends and my FB (Facebook) friends who I've made over the past few years and truly cherish, from all across this country and Canada, I didn't allot myself enough time to write a proper birthday blog post.  So, as there is NOTHING SCHEDULED on mine and my son's calendars this weekend, I plan on carving out some time to play catch up on here, as it's been over a week since I last posted.  I truly want to keep up with this blog, but some nights I just need to unwind and relax once my son goes to bed, as 9 times out of 10 I'm having to be up bright and early to my alarm clock the very next morning, even on weekends.  But not tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WooHoo!!!  Happy Dance time!!!!

One of the topics I want to write about is this whole age thing.  A friend of mine who I've known since middle school turned 43 last week and our other best friend from back then turns 43 next month.  Both of them were lamenting on FB about how old they feel.  To me, age is just a number.  You only feel as old as you allow yourself to, even when battling daily with a debilitating and incurable disease like I do (Multiple Sclerosis).  That blog post may even be a Part 1 of 2 type thing, as it just may lead into one of my favorite sayings of "Sh!t or get off the pot!!!"  I will have to see how that all pans out.

I'm still feeling 40+ and FABULOUS!!!!!!

So on that note, a bid thee adieu.....

Wishing you peace, love, and happiness,


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Leap of Faith #1

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by and reading my little blog.  Whether you're a "regular" or a "newbie," I appreciate each and every one of you for dropping by and reading my ramblings, usually done very late at night, too.  Perfect example, it's now approx. 12:15 a.m. and this probably won't be completed and posted until at least 12:45 a.m.  I've always been a night owl - LOL!!!

Today I took a huge leap of faith for me.  I've always enjoyed baking/making treats as a hobby, really ever since I was a kid and my mom taught Wilton cake decorating.  I'd sit at the table watching her and be amazed at what she was able to create.  Now, 35+ years later, I can even create some of those basic cakes/cupcakes that she was able to accomplish with such ease.  For years and years I didn't really do much cake/cupcake baking/decorating, since I had no reason to.  Yes, I'd make tons of cookies at various holidays/birthdays for family and friends, but that was about it.  But, since the birth of my son, I've had a good excuse to start brushing off my very basic skills; and it's been a ton of fun!!  Plus, along the way, I've made some great online friends in the "cakey bakey" world, as I call it.  They have definitely inspired me to dust off my tips and couplers and get decorating.  So, today, I decided to "put up or shut up" and create my own hobby page on Facebook, called Kristyn's Cakey Bakey Creations, which even includes a new genre of baking/treats I'm getting into, Paleo, as I've given up the gluten since January 2012.  Which means, if you're reading this and frequent Facebook, drop on by and give it/me a "Like."  I can take whatever support I can get, especially since I've never really put myself out there like this before.  It's definitely taken a lot of encouragement from my friends for me to do such a thing.  Yes, I post on my personal Facebook page photos of the occasional item I'd make, but it's never been consolidated like this before and able to be found in one spot for all the world to see.  At least this will give me good incentive to keep up my practicing and a way for me to see my progress.  Like I said, it is just a hobby page, not a business page.  I just bake for my friends, family, and as treats/gifts for my son's teachers and classmates.  Which reminds me, I still need to figure out what I'll be making for Easter as his Spring Break is coming up in a couple of weeks.  Better get cracking!!! 

Chocolate cupcakes with a dense chocolate buttercream icing topped with chocolate shavings and vanilla-flavored chocolate "Love" hearts

BACON and dark chocolate chip cookies - these are Paleo friendly!!!!

If you noticed the title to this post, it says "Leap of Faith #1"  You've now read about that one.  As for #2, that will be happening this coming Wednesday, weather permitting.  Wintry mix stay away!!  I'm having a first date with one of the men I've met through my personals ad on  It'll just be a quick lunch while my son is at school.  I swore I wasn't going to do the whole online route for meeting someone, but as the 'ol saying goes...Never say Never!  So, please wish us both luck on this one.  The way our online, text, and especially our telephone conversations have been going, we'll both need it - LOL!!!!

Wishing you peace, love, and happiness,