Saturday, May 18, 2013

Damn!! It's Been A While....

Wow, I knew it'd been a while since I last blogged, but I didn't realize it'd been sooooo long.  Guess that's what happens when one is trying to rediscover herself. LOL

As for a quick update on that older gentleman I wrote about in March, that was incredibly short lived. The whole misrepresenting himself online about his age really did not sit well with me, at all.  The main reason my marriage broke up was because of my ex's lies to me for all those years, so why would I even want to consider dating someone who started out the whole thing with an outright lie.  Plus, for a man who was 59 years old, he didn't have the self confidence or self assured manner about himself that one should have by that age.  Me and my much stronger personality would have chewed him up in no time flat.  So, yeah, that one never got off the ground.

Since then, I've corresponded with a few other guys on Match, but didn't get to meet any of them.  One looked promising...great texts, a wonderful phone conversation, and then BAM...basically dropped off the face of the earth overnight.  About a week after he stopped texting back/calling, I noticed he changed the area where he lived on his Match profile.  Then, not even a week later he took down his profile.  So, he was either lying to me or he found someone.  Either way, oh well...his loss.  We know I'm not about chasing after anyone.  Not my style.  If the person wants to be with me and/or if it was meant to be, it will be.

For the past month I've been messaging via Match and now texting another gentleman.  Again, this looks promising.  Much more promising than any of the others, by far.  Scarily so, actually, but in a good way. LOL  There seems to be many similarities in our personalities and interests to begin with, not to mention senses of humor.  He's almost like the male version of me...YIKES!!!  Now THAT is scary!! :-D  No, we haven't spoken on the phone yet, but that is planned for within the next couple of days when both our schedules clear up.  With both of us being single parents, of which he has sole custody of his child, we need to prioritize around the schedules of our little ones as well as our own calendars.  Tricky but do-able I'm sure.  Then, we're also planning on meeting for lunch later this week.  If the texts are any indication of how our phone conversation will go, I do not think we'll be lacking for conversation AT ALL.  I have a setting on my phone that will hang onto 100 texts before it starts automatically deleting them message-by-message.  In approximately 3 hours time tonight, we sent over 100 messages; and we'd been texting back and forth/off and on all day so I can only imagine what the final total for today was!!  Good thing I have unlimited texting on my phone!!!  Keep in mind, this wasn't our first day texting each other, either.  Yes, it's the whole getting-to-know-someone phase, but still.  That's a dang lot of texts!!! LOL  This all has me quite optimistic.  However......

Yes, there is, unfortunately, a however/but in all of this.  Everything I have in my Match profile and everything I've told this man is 100% true.  As most everyone knows about me, I believe in being upfront and honest, and my life is an open book.  Heck, I write a blog and pour my heart out in it for the world to read!!  However, the one thing I purposely left out of my Match profile is my Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  Too many people seem to have a preconceived opinion/notions of what it means and how I'll be physically.  It would certainly preclude many from even bothering to get to know me in the first place.  To them I'd be "the chick with MS" not "Kris."  Yes, I only tell people my name is Kris; because if I said Kristyn, it might be too easy for someone to Google me or something.  Crazy but cautious I am. :-)  As I mentioned earlier, me and my potential suitor are planning on talking on the phone this weekend some time.  Again, I fully believe this will go well.  When we meet for lunch later in the week, I absolutely plan on laying it all out on the line for him before things progress any further.  Kind of like ripping the band aid off in one quick yank.  At least this way he will already know the gist of my personality and see for himself how I'm doing physically and how the MS does/does not impact me in the physical sense.  Wish me luck on that one!! :-)

By nature I'm an optimistic and trusting person; which, yes, has gotten me hurt/burned more than once in my lifetime.  But no matter how many times I've been knocked down and kicked in life, I pick myself back up, dust myself off, and go at it again stronger than before.  It is the past that makes us who we are today, and I am very proud of who I have become as a woman and as a human being.  So whether this person is to just drop out of my life in the blink of an eye after I disclose my illness to him, whether we only remain friends afterwards, or whether we decide to go on more dates and continue to get to know each other, only time will tell.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again; what's meant to be will be.  I can't force it and neither can anyone else.

So if I do go on faith, trust, and face value, then so far so good!!!

Wishing you peace, love, and happiness,


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  1. Ok so it's been a week since you wrote this...dont keep us in did it go?