Sunday, December 29, 2013

And the winner is……..

The fans have spoken, and the winner of last week’s “pick the next topic” question, was:

2.  My point of view on a somewhat recent what-seems-to-be controversial holiday topic.  

So, what was the holiday controversy I was alluding to?  I’d seen this topic on a few Facebook pages, and I even chimed in on one of these conversations/arguments.  People seemed to have gotten their panties/boxers all in a twist over the recent Kmart Jingle Bells Joe Boxer ad.  If you haven’t seen it, here is a Youtube link for your viewing.

 I, personally, found it to be quite clever and tongue-in-cheek.  What those who were upset with it were saying/arguing is that it was either disgusting, lewd, inappropriate, and/or various other adjectives.  Or, they were wondering how to explain it to their children.  The other objection was that it was played over and over while watching children’s Christmas/Holiday shows while the kids were awake and watching TV with them.  Let me break down my view on all of this.  Again, this is my own, personal opinion on the subject...obviously!!!

In regards to the various negative adjectives used to describe the commercial, if you didn’t like it, you simply could have switched the channel.  Easy Peasey!!   No one was forcing you to watch it.  If you didn’t like it or didn't want your kids to watch it, this is a country of free will.  You should have turned on something you did approve of for the 30-60 seconds the commercial was on.  If you didn’t switch it off, maybe you didn’t mind it so much after all. ;-)  Just saying….

OK, the explaining of the commercial to your kids concern, of course it would need to be put in age appropriate terms.  But, from my own personal experience when my 5-year old son happened to see it, he just thought the guys were shaking their butts, and he proceeded to copy them.  That boy sure does love to shake his booty!!!   Now, to me, that would have been the easiest thing to explain to both boys and girls, especially if/when the full commercial was shown with the men ringing the bells behind the table at the very beginning.  Once that table slides over, anyone thinking it’s something else ringing just has a plain ‘ol dirty mind!!! :D  No doubt the teenage girls were giggling, but that’s a whole other topic.  Apparently the apple didn’t fall far from the tree if mom was still watching the commercial, too.  However, if that first part of the commercial is missed where the men are behind the draped table, even if the child knows about male anatomy, we all know testicles don’t ring like bells, so why couldn’t the concerned adult have explained it as the men shaking their butts in time to the music, just as if they were dancing?  A simple and truthful explanation.  Certainly more honest than the concept of men's anatomy actually ringing out Jingle Bells...And notice, it's Jingle Bells NOT Jingle Balls!!!

Finally the showing of the commercial during Christmas/Holiday movie viewing time.  Once or twice would have been fine and gotten Kmarts name/sales info out there.  Overkill is overkill, no matter what the commercial is, though.   I may have personally enjoyed seeing all that eye candy (it's healthier and calorie free after all!!!), but enough was enough when it was on every 15 minutes for hours on end.  However, in the end, I don’t blame Kmart for that decision; and is also why I was annoyed when people were stating they would boycott Kmart because of the ad and it even being shown on TV.  For me, this commercial was borderline genius and accomplished what Kmart set out to do….get their name out there during the holidays to drum up business.  My answer to those objections about the frequency and timing of the commercial was if you didn’t like the commercial being on during family viewing hours, take that up with the station you were watching.  They are the ones who make the programming decisions.  They are the ones who decided to take Kmart’s money and to run the ads as much as they did.  They could have said no to Kmart and no to the money.  They could have decided to not play the commercial.  So if you have a problem with when/how much that commercial was on, take it up with the various stations you were all watching.  But don’t blame Kmart.   In the end, it’s not their fault.

So what do you think of my first-ever controversial blog topic?  Should I do more in the future?  Let me hear your thoughts and suggestions!!

Now that the holidays are just about over with New Year’s Eve quickly approaching, let me take this time now to thank everyone for reading my blog and getting a glimpse inside the complex workings of my mind.  I really do appreciate your time and any/all feedback you’ve given over the months.  There will be much more to come in the New Year, don’t you worry!!!  One of my new posts will be the topic that got the 2nd highest amount of votes, my “Three Dates, Three Months, 30,000 miles” dating philosophy.  I had a close, long-time male friend of mine comment about it on my Facebook page, who also happens to have experienced this philosophy first hand with me.  As we were commenting back and forth on it, I realized I need to dedicate one whole blog post to him. – LOL!!!  We’re talking about a history that goes back to when we met on my 15th birthday.  To put that into perspective, I will be 44 years old this coming March...we'll be hitting 29 years of us knowing each other!!!  It’s been a long and crazy, up-and-down roller coaster ride for the two of us to say the least!!!

So, until next time….

Wishing you peace, love, happiness, and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!



  1. I loved it. And I agree, if you don't like something, don't watch it. The comments people made about family viewing time where the commercial is seen, I have to say "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" R rated movie promos are up as commercials for little children to see all the time. Do you have to see the entire 2 hour gory show to be effected? NO! Yet they show 1 minute blurbs of Horror. I say, people always have something to talk about. I turn a deaf ear to what I don't want to hear, including peoples complaints such as regarding this commercial :)

    1. Glad you liked the post, Kathy!! You're so right about the commercials for R-rated movies that are on TV with the gory promos, not to mention the ones with all the violence/shooting. I think those have more of a negative impact than a bunch of men in their boxers shaking their hips/butts to Jingle Bells. :-)