Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My 3 Grateful and Positive Thoughts of the Day: 08-12-14

Alrighty, I just realized I have to be up earlier than usual tomorrow morning, so this will be short and sweet and lack some photos!!  LOL

My 3 Grateful and Positive Thoughts of the Day.

1.      My son and I had so much fun today playing with a volcano experiment that I bought him some time earlier this year.  Nothing like fizzing volcanos and dinosaurs in the “molten lava and tar” to pass some time on this grey and rainy summer day we were having!!

2.      Delicious, super sweet cantaloupe for snacking today.  Need I say more?!?!!!

3.      I am grateful that the pest control people came out today to spray for wasps yet again.  They’ve decided to be overactive for some reason this spring/summer.  Then again, it didn’t help that my son accidentally disturbed one of their nests Thursday night and caused him to get stung twice.  OUCHIE!!  :-(   The one positive thing to come from this experience was to learn that he doesn’t have allergic reactions to wasp stings as this was his first time being stung.

And there you go, my grateful and positive thoughts of the day!! 

Wishing you peace, love, happiness, and a lifetime of blessings!!


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