Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My 3 HAPPY, Grateful, and Positive Thoughts of the Day: 08-13-14

Today I was finally challenged by one of my IRL (in real life) friends on Facebook (FB) for 7 days to list what makes me happy and challenge 2 new people every day.  I do believe I mentioned this back on Saturday that seeing this challenge on other friends’ FB pages is what started me blogging again.  This is so up my alley!!  So for the next 7 days I will list what I did on FB that day.  However, I may add a bit more to each one here seeing as I tried to keep it short and sweet on there!!  I already post soooooooo much on there anyway!!

My 3 HAPPY, Grateful and Positive Thoughts of the Day:

1.      I got to enjoy a bacon burger for lunch today (no bun for me, of course!!!) which I’d been craving for a while now.  Anyone who knows me, heck even strangers have figured this out, knows that I have a bacon OBSESSION!!!!

2.      I love dark and stormy clouds and got to see some amazing ones rolling in prior to today’s downpour!!  The rain was quick and hard, but it was perfect to me.  Of course I wasn’t stuck driving in it, so that’s what made it even more perfect!! 

3.      I got to partake in some uncontrollable giggle fits with my son this morning!!  I don’t remember what quite brought them on, but by his not being able to stop it just made me start in, too.  As I’m sure is true with others, once that starts in between two people, it’s all over!!  Especially when one of them is a child!!

So there we have it, thanks to my friend, there are my happy, grateful, and positive thoughts of the day!! 

Wishing you peace, love, happiness, and a lifetime of blessings!!


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