Friday, January 27, 2012

It's actually working....

When Vince and I separated, we 100% agreed on one important and crucial matter.  No matter our differences and our issues with each other, we'd always do what's best for our son.  Well, yesterday was a testament to how we can actually work together in an emergency-type situation regarding EJ. 

EJ'd been sounding sick the past few days, so I made an appointment for him to see the doctor yesterday afternoon.  Great, no problem.  However, when I went to get my car out of the garage, it was dead as a doornail.  Totally my fault, as I've lost track of time these past couple of weeks.  Hadn't realized that my car  had been sitting in the garage for almost a week during the snow and freezing weather; and gee, I never went out to start it the entire time.  DUH!!!  No wonder B.B. (that's what I call my car) didn't want to cooperate with me.  Luckily, it was the time Vince was coming home from work, so I was able to get ahold of him and ask him to swing by and take EJ to the doctor.  Like a good, cooperative, concerned parent he agreed.  When he came by, I asked if he minded if I tagged along, and he said no problem.  So, the three of us headed out to the doctor to have EJ looked at.  We had about an hour wait to see the doctor (At least that gave Vince time to go home and change out of his clunky corrections uniform and get back to the doctors' office.), but since we were already late to EJ's appointment by almost a half hour to begin with, I really couldn't witch about the long wait time.  Of course, dummy me forgets to bring along one of EJ's Leapsters or even my Kindle for entertainment.  However, EJ amused himself with the 10-month old girl in the waiting room, plus another brother/sister pair who came in a bit later.  He really was well behaved, and I was so proud of him :-)  So, anyway, after we left there, we went to CVS to drop off the script.  Well, Vince then offered to take me to Chester to the tractor supply place so I could get a jumper/charger box for my car, plus we were both hungry so we'd grab something quick to eat, which ended up being Wendy's.  Thank goodness they have salads there or I would have been hungry and screwed.  LOL.  But, Vince didn't have to offer to do drive us all the way over there at that hour of the evening.  We could have just waited for the script then he could have dropped EJ and I off, gone on his merry way, end of story; and I'd have to figure out how to get my car going again at that hour of the evening.  Probably a call to AAA would have been in that future.  Instead, he stepped up to the plate so that the car battery could get charged; and EJ and I could be on our way for his class at Kids Club House today.  For that I am quite appreciative. 

I've heard so many stories of separated/divorced spouses and all the fighting and nastiness that goes on.  However, Vince and I agreed early on not to do that with each other so as not to negatively affect EJ; and yesterday proved that we could work together for the good of our son.  It was nice to have that civility, cooperation, and focus shine through.

What's gonna work?  Teamwork!!

Well, I'm exhausted.  Think I'm coming down with something, and I've got dishes still to wash in my sink, then scoop the poop (cat litter box - biggest YUCK in the world...Anyone want 2 indoor to a good home!!!  I'm stuck with them due to our separation agreement.  It's just about the worst part of the whole separation and my biggest source of stress.), do my exerercises, and then to bed with my head.  Hoping it all goes smooth and quick now, as I'm already falling asleep while typing this.  So, if it's a bit incoherent, I hope you understand :-)

Wishing you peace, love, and happiness,


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