Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Who Are You???

Inquiring minds want to know!!!  I love how I can check to see how many people read my blog each day and what countries they are from.  I average between 20 - 25 views a day, have 11 "official followers," and am read in multiple countries, which was a HUGE shocker to me!  The countries that really surprised the heck out of me the most were the Ukraine and Russia!!!  I don't know anyone from either of those countries, so it really peaked my curiosity on how they and all the others have found me and my little 'ol blog :-)  Also makes me wonder if I'd have an even larger audience if I tweeted, as well.  I never quite understood Twitter, hashtags, and all that other stuff related to tweeting, but maybe I should look into it.  What do y'all think?

So, I'm going to ask for a little bit of audience participation with this post :-)  If you'd be so kind, can you leave me a comment on here (be it a public one or a private one or done anonymously) or send me a message on Facebook if you know me over there.  I'd love to hear about who all is reading this, where you're from, and how you heard about the blog.  I'm pretty sure at least 95% of you find my new posts via my Facebook updates, but I'm curious about ALL of you - so speak up!!!!  Inquiring minds want to know!!!  Well, at least my overly inquisitive and nosy mind does - LOL!!!

I just got a new, fancy-schmancy Droid this evening, so time for me to go play with it for a while before heading to bed.  I hope everyone's have a fantastic night/morning!!!

Wishing you peace, love, and happiness,

Kristyn W

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