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Sunday, January 8, 2012

"Saying AMEN" Sunday!!! - A & B

I was thinking last night (yeah, yeah, I can hear you all groaning now, a scary concept my thinking – LOL!!!),  and I thought it’d be kind of appropriate to have a weekly “people/things I’m grateful for” post on Sundays.  Plus, I even took my thinking a step further (doubly ambitious of me, no doubt!) and decided to go through the alphabet – each week a new letter.  Because if you think about it, there are 26 letters in the alphabet and 52 weeks in a year.  Oh, crap, there's 54 weeks in a year, isn't there...Dang, almost worked...Oh, that's right, I get 2 weeks vacation, don't I?!?!!  Anyways, I can go through the alphabet once to the half-way mark of 2012 and then start all the way back at the top again, not repeating anything I’d already said I was thankful for.   Now that’s a lot to be grateful for!!!   Sure, some of the posts will be all nicey-nice/touchy-feely , but others are just straight out things I’m uber thankful for.  Since it’s already the second Sunday of January, I figured I’d start out by posting for both the letters A and B….Here goes :-)

A - I’m saying AMEN to ANIMALS!!!!  No way in hell I could ever possibly be a vegetarian – LOL!!!!  I love my animals,  how good they taste, and all that they produce for us to live healthy lives.  I LOVE me some cow and pig, that’s for sure!!!!  I just realized all the exclamation points I’ve used so far...Can you tell I’m excited about this one?!?!!!  So, thank you to the animals who have sacrificed their lives so that I can eat some yummylicious meals and also for the meat they provide and the other products they produce, such as milk and eggs :-)  Oh, and just so you all know, I’d say about 90% of what I now buy in regards to protein-related products is grass-fed, pasture-raised, wild caught, free range, and/or cage free.  If you haven’t done a comparison in the taste differences, you definitely should…AMAZING!!!  As a side note, go watch the movie FOOD, INC. and you’ll REALLY, REALLY understand where I’m coming from on some of this.
Farm-fresh chicken eggs, whole milk from grass-grazed cows, and Taylor Ham from the pigs!!!  Today's breakfast!!!

B – I’m saying AMEN to BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   For anyone who really knows me, this one is most certainly NOT a surprise by ANY stretch of the imagination - LOL!!!  As I stated above, I love the pig; but bacon, by far, is the ULTIMATE in taste pleasure.  There is absolutely no more I could possibly say in regards to this wonderful bit of bliss to do it any more justice.  I LOVE YOU BACON!!!!!!!!!!  Bacon, you're not just a piece of salty're're my friend :-)  [And kudos to those who get that last reference - You rock!!!]

And on that note, we’ll see what next Sunday brings for the letter C.  Enjoy your week and remember to wake up in gratitude each day :-)  Life should be about all we already have and are thankful for, not about what we wish we had!

Wishing you peace, love, and happiness,

Kristyn W

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