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Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Saying AMEN" Sunday!!! - C

Time for this week's "Saying Amen" item on what I'm most grateful for!!!

C  - I’m saying AMEN to CUDDLES!!!! Now who doesn't LOVE cuddles...seriously?!?!!!  They can bring a smile to your face and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside; or they can comfort you in a time of sorrow.  Or, even better yet, they can be for no other reason than to let that special someone know that you love and cherish them.  Any way you look at it, nothing beats some serious cuddle time!!! 

If EJ and I don't have to get up early for his preschool classes, playdates, or any other appointments/visits we may have scheduled for the day, he'll come into my room for some early morning cuddle time.  No better way to start my morning these days!!!  Brings the biggest smile to my face and gives me the energy I need to start the day.  And, yes, I admit it, unless I have to get up to an alarm clock for some reason, my 3-year old is up before me 9 out of 10 mornings. Bad mommy - lol.  I'm definitely more of a night owl, that's for certain.  Always have been.  You could probably tell that about me already since my usual blog posts don't go up until almost midnight - LOL!!!  Plus, each night before bed EJ and I read books and then have a few minutes of cuddle time while we talk about the day and then it's lights out.  Despite all the craziness that may have gone on in the day, those cuddles are what brings me back to center within myself.  Can't ask for anything more at that moment in time :-)

Romantic cuddles are super amazing and infinitely special as well, and I'm very thankful for those that I have been blessed with in the past.  It's been many many years since I've had that kind of loving, romantic, snuggly cuddle time with anyone special to me in that way.  A long, slow deterioration of a marriage will do that to you and your life.  However, being the optimistic and positive person that I am, now that I'm open to accepting the possibility a new, romantic, loving man in my life, whoever that may end of being; I've no doubt that there will be plenty of cuddles in my future one day :-)  There better be or that person will definitely NOT be my type.  No cold fish for me - LOL!!!!!!!!!!

So, get off your computer and go cuddle with someone you love and cherish.  And if you don't have a special someone or a child, go cuddle your pet if you've got one of those.  They'll certainly appreciate it :-)  No matter who or what you cuddle, it's still one moment you'll never ever regret!!!

Wishing you peace, love, and happiness,


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