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Friday, January 6, 2012

Lovin' Livin' In The Country!!!

I must say, one thing I’m realizing is that I truly love the area of NY where I live!!!  Yes, as much as I dislike the political BS of this state, all the freakin’ high taxes and insurance rates we pay, the cold weather, the fact that I’m supposed to pump my own gas (Hey, I’m a Jersey girl and never had to pump my gas before moving here since it’s illegal to do so in NJ!!!), not to mention  how expensive it is to live in my particular area of the state (Orange County), I actually LOVE all that surrounds me here :-)  In particular, the farms and all the locally-grown produce, eggs, meats, and other locally-made nommy goodness!!!    Even though I’m only about an hour from New York City, there is an abundance of wonderful farms in my area.  Today is a great example.  Went to one of the local farms where their farm “stand” (rather a large barn/building) is open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays during the winter months; plus they host a larger farmers market  on the last Saturday of each winter month which includes vendors from the surrounding area.  This is when I definitely stock up on my grass-fed beef; pasture-raised bacon, sausage, and ham steaks; yummylicious goat cheeses; and other delectable items I can find :-)  Today I was able to purchase a dozen farm-FRESH eggs; a nice chunk of Peppercorn Colby goat cheese; organic whipped butter from pasture-raised cows; plus some delicious whole milk from a nearby NY farm that also pasture-raises their cows.  This is the kind of old-fashioned milk that comes in glass bottles and you either scoop off the cream layer on top and use it or shake it up so that the cream can incorporate back into the milk.  Had I not done a big food shopping yesterday, I could have gotten some produce, too, that they grow in their greenhouses/hi-tunnels during the winter months so one can have fresh greens/veggies year round!  It really is a blessing to be able to purchase such wholesome, nutritious food ten minutes from where I live.  I feel so spoiled when I tell people about it!!!  Don't get me started about all the wineries in the area, too ;-)
Produce from springtime farmers market.

Grass-fed/pasture-raised beef from Lowland Farm.  A staple in my home!!

A delicious and healthy veggie/fruit smoothie.  Love my VitaMix!!!

In April my home will be put on the market, as part of the marital separation agreement between me and my son’s father ("Legally" he’s not my ex-husband since we’re not divorced, but I also cannot and will not refer to him as my husband by any stretch of the imagination, either).  Once the house is sold, I’ll need to find a place to live (rent) with my son.  As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, this area really is expensive.  Especially for me since I cannot work due to my Multiple Sclerosis and have to live off of my SSDI income and what child support/temporary maintenance we get.  Since we have to live within a “reasonable distance” (whatever the heck that means - LOL)  from my son’s father, I’m just hoping I can stay in the town we now live or one of the surrounding ones so I can take advantage of all the markets near me.  During the Spring, Summer, and Autumn months I can go to a different farmers market each day of the week!!!  But in my heart and soul, I honestly believe and trust in that things will work out for the best.  A positive mind and positive energy are always the first steps in a successful journey!
Wishing you peace, love, and happiness,

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