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Monday, January 2, 2012


Hi and Happy New Year - 2012!  Also, welcome to my newest blog...Rediscovering Kristyn.  The saying goes that the third time is the charm.  My goal is to make that sentiment true this time around - LOL!!!

A lot has transpired in my life and changed these past 12 months.  It seems like a whirlwind of sorts.  One thing I realized, though, is that I no longer keep a journal and could have really used putting down all my thoughts, feelings, ideas, etc. in writing to help sort it all out in my head and even my heart.  I kept journals for years going back to middle school and high school, college and afterwards but somehow stopped after I got married 8 years ago.  Who knows, maybe there's some sort of correlation to that and all that's been going on in my life.  This blog will be a journal of sorts for me.  To keep a record of not only what goes on in my life on a regular basis, but also what's going on in that very complex brain of mine. 

One thing I've realized in the past year is that I've lost "me."  Yes, I'm a woman, a mom (a 40-something single one at that - lol), an ex-wife (of sorts - legally separated but not divorced), a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, sister-in-law, aunt, niece, cousin, a best friend, a Pisces, a wanna-be blogger, the cupcake maker, the dessert lady, a person dealing with Multiple Sclerosis, a greeting card creator, and so many other things.  However, these are only labels of WHAT I am, not WHO I am.  

I'm a 40-something, single mom

I'm a greeting card creator
I'm a cupcake maker!

The time has definitely come to rediscover me and who I am.  I can say one thing for certain, I'm a complicated lady at the very least - LOL!!!  I'm hoping this blog will help me in my quest of finding myself again, finding my passion, creating and achieving goals, even failing at some of those goals because without failures we cannot improve and move forward, facing my fears and doing my best to conquer them.  It'll be fun, it'll be hard, it'll be eye-opening, and it may even get a bit ugly; but if you're up for it, come along for this ride on my blog in my crazy quest of Rediscovering Kristyn :-)

Wishing you peace, love, and happiness,

PS - Blogger has changed its templates since I first started using it for my initial two blogs so it may take a while for me to figure it all out.  But, in due time, it'll be looking smashing, dahling, just smashing!!!  :-)

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